Rhino – An Agile Sandbox

Agile Sandbox for analyzing malware and execution behaviors. Customizable, Expandable and can be quickly altered during the analysis iteration. Inspired by the Rhinoceros and Agile methodology.


Customizable actions and settings
Actions are draggable, removable and editable
In-time actions tracker (failed, running or success)
Some actions work on both Linux and Windows (Auto-switching)
Task screen recording, input/output files and network traffic are included
Build and save tasks of each iteration
Overview stats for recent and old tasks
React interface and Flask API for easy integration
MongoDB and Redis searching statements (Find, Sort and Limit )
VMs are automatically terminated (prevents VMs from locking)
Setup, Initialize and Run the project using a Bash script
Project expands dynamically based on VM entries
Custom Remote control (Experimental, used to snapshot VMs)
Auto VMs mapping and switching
& More features to Explore

How to run?

git clone https://github.com/qeeqbox/rhino.git
cd rhino
chmod +x ./run.sh
./run.sh auto_configure